Fly is a brazilian, 2000 begin dance in brazil some brazilian style like axe, forró, samba de gafieira and samba, 2001 become a professional dancer when one band invite him to do show together forró and zouk style, from there till now no stop dancing and teaching zouk, forró, salsa, bachata. 2004 become a international artist, make a tour in china for the first time, 2006 again china, 2007 participate of latin competition, take the second place, 2009 come china again already with my company till now performance, class and workshops thought out china, 2015 was bachata champion the international competition in beijing, After that went for workshops in bachatamemucho in shanghai, bachata festival in shanghai, Korea salsa bachata festival, BKS festival in brazil, kizomba festival in Sweden, Japan and shanghai kizomba festival, based in shanghai, china

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