DJ Chris, who spent most of his teens in Korea, is recognized as a pioneer of the Korean Salsa history. He is the professional Latin music DJ in Korea, where Latin music used to be not so popular at the time he started DJing.
he really knows what salsa is and how to burn the floor with it. His music has the unique and exciting “Sabor” of his own, which drives people to get down on the dance floor. He is close friends with many big-time dancers from all around the world and he just knows what the dancers want on the dance floor.
He plays at some of the hottest Salsa clubs in Seoul, Korea as well as big Salsa events and parties in and out of the country.
DJ Chris is loved by people not only because of his uplifting music, but also of his big, warm heart.
Recently, he is making every endeavor to expand the territory of Latin music DJ through developing various mixing and digital-DJing skills. He’s also widening his scope of activities to music director of broadcasting station and entertainment business; producing, managing, and consulting on Latin-themed events.
He is one of the best latin DJ, both in name and reality.

Korea Salsa Congress – Guest DJ
Seoul Salsa Congress – Head DJ
Shanghai Salsa Festival – Official DJ
Shanghai Bachata Festival – Official DJ
Shanghai bachata Memucho – Official DJ

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