DJ LanLan, a recent convert to the love of Latin culture. She already played guitar and violin and now has fallen in love with Latin music, playing all kinds of salsa instruments: conga, bongo, timbales, clave, etc., with them becoming a big part of her daily life. She has a unique taste in music and a good sense of dancers needs. When she plays music, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself dancing to her groove.
The first time she heard Latin music was in a school gym, where the music touched her heart. As she majored in economics, in her point of view, all the drum points the response of the instruments themselves and the music structure showed the beauty of mathematics. In order to understand it better she decided to learn Latin dance and Latin culture, right after she got her masters degree from Sweden. In the year and a half since she has received the degree, she has been dancing New York Salsa /Mambo (On 2), LA Salsa (On 1), Cuban Salsa (Casino), Zouk, Bachata and Kizomba… developing her encyclopedic knowledge of Latin music by dancing in various places all over the world. “Being a good DJ you need to know the history, the culture and the root of the music. However, there’s one short cut —— DANCING! Dancing is the best way to communicate with instruments and the heart of musicians. ” she says.
So please, dance and enjoy music with her like no one is watching. All together, it’s a journey, not a destination!

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