Hi, I’m Venus. I like music, dancing, traveling and everything about beauty and romance. at the end of 2015, a friend asked me if I want to take salsa class because there’s a discount. I didn’t know what is salsa actually, but I like dancing and I tried Jazz for a while. So I started taking classes. At first I just took classes and learned basic steps and some skills, but after making some salsa friends and going to some parties, I realized that it’s far more than classes! We have dancing parties, pool party, BBQ, and we go to park, go to travel together, we dance everywhere! It’s so hard to make so many friends with same hobbies and do one thing together in such a fast-paced society, but in salsa world, we can! We help each other not only in improving steps but also in personal life. Dancing makes me more passionate, sensitive and gratitude and more awareness of good things in my life. It is becoming my lifestyle, I love it and I’ll dance for good.

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