DJ Rodrigo

DJ Rodrigo is the owner of three clubs “Cafe Rumbita”,”Cafe la Siesta” and “West Harlem” in Kyoto, Japan. He is considered a world-class and the best professional salsa DJ in Japan.
DJ Rodrigo is regularly invited to spin in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto and many other cities around the country.
In addition to his prestigious salsa DJ title, Rodrigo is also an experienced event promoter. He presented “Kyoto International Salsa Festival”, “ Salsa Candela” and more.
DJ Rodrigo is well known among international Salsa communities. Every year, he ws invited to DJ at many international festivals such as Hongkong , Bangkok, Korea, New Jersey Congress, Manila Congress and New York congress etc.
His DJ style is based on NY classical Salsa, with many original selections. He presents a wide selection of genres to dancer, including NY hard salsa and mambo, jazz, pop music,Kizomba,Bachata. His magnificent sound has been supported enthusiastically by salsa dancers around the world.


If you travel to KYOTO JAPAN, please come find me at CAFE RUMBITA

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